DISCLAIMER: The solutions presented on this page are the property of ACME LABS Sp. z o.o. and are subject to legal protection in Poland and abroad, on the basis of intellectual and industrial property rights.

Legal Note

The solutions presented in this document are the property of ACME LABS Sp. z o.o. and are subject to legal protection in Poland and abroad under international, regional and national regulations regarding intellectual and industrial property rights.

Currently, based on the legal presumption of widespread knowledge of published patent applications and registered trademarks - using our solutions without our consent must be treated as a conscious action to our detriment, which we will consistently demand to be repaired in accordance with applicable regulations.

Using of our legally protected, personalized electronic communication security with our consent (license) by one or several trading participants does not preclude the use of these solutions by other entities operating on the market under separate licenses, which is on the one hand a great advantage of these security features, and on the other hand, it strengthens the responsibility for using the solutions without proper authorization.

Based on the provisions of the Industrial Property Law of June 30, 2000 (with amendments), owners of exclusive rights to technical solutions and trademarks in the event of their violation, have the right to demand:

  • immediate termination of the infringement, i.e. discontinuation of unauthorized use of legally protected goods,
  • to remove the effects of the infringement and repair the damage caused as a result of the violation of the above exclusive rights, and 
  • to transfer the benefits that have been obtained unlawfully.

In addition, under the Act on combating unfair competition of 16 April, 1993 (with amendments), we are entitled to similar claims in the event of unlawful acts of unfair competition, generally referred to as activities contrary to the law or decency, threatening or violating our interest as the "interest of another entrepreneur". Acts of unfair competition may also violate the client's interest.

Notwithstanding the above provisions protecting the rights of our company, ACME LABS Sp. z o.o. will protect the personal rights of the creators of our solutions in line with law protection on the basis of the Civil Code and criminal law on the basis of criminal provisions contained in the Industrial Property Law mentioned above.