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A message from the Police with the "bonus" attached

Biuro do Walki z Cyberprzest?pczo?ci? KGP ostrzega przed wiadomo?ciami przesy?anymi drog? elektroniczn? przez cyberprzest?pc informuj?cymi o wezwaniu na Policj?. Pobranie i otworzenie za??cznika mo?e zainfekowa? komputer z?o?liwym oprogramowaniem, co skutkuje kradzie?? danych osobowych lub ca?kowitym zablokowaniem komputera, za odblokowanie którego przest?pcy ??daj? okupu.

A new way of cheating on OLX. They send fake payment links on the site

Fraudsters use a new feature available on the OLX portal to obtain the payment card details of the website users. They communicate using other messengers, such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Recently, an option appeared on the OLX portal that was to increase the safety of users. These are direct transactions and deliveries in cooperation with Sendit.pl.

New Emotet attacks use fake Windows Update lures

New Emotet attacks use fake Windows Update lures | ZDNet

In today’s cyber-security landscape, the Emotet botnet is one of the largest sources of malspam – a term used to describe emails that deliver malware-laced file attachments. These malspam campaigns are absolutely crucial to Emotet operators. They are the base that props up the botnet, feeding new victims to the Emotet machine – a Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS) cybercrime operation that’s rented to other criminal groups.

Bank Millennium warns customers against fraudsters. Money disappears from accounts

Bank Millennium warns about the new method of fraudsters. This time, the method is easy to detect, but the unaware user exposes himself to great danger. Alior Bank has also detected increased activity of fraudsters. Bank Millenium once again warns its users against new methods of phishing data. During the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of hackers can be spotted almost everywhere.