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Our Solution for Saldeo SMART

The SaldeoSMART solution is a tool that simplifies the flow of invoices (and other documents) as well as communication between the parties involved in a given business operation. Invoices generated in SaldeoSMART and other documents are forwarded to other users within one organization or to users in other entities. The system generates a notification that the document has been made available to the recipient (or group of recipients). The recipient can download the document by clicking on the link contained in the notification email.

Chc?c zapewni? swoim klientom oraz ich kontrahentom najwy?szy poziom bezpiecze?stwa oraz maj?c na uwadze zagro?enia zwi?zane z komunikacj? w formie email (o zagro?eniach przeczytasz tutaj) producent SaldeoSMART zdecydowa? si? na wdro?enie innowacyjnego rozwi?zania ? eZNACZKA, który jest dodatkow? warstw? bezpiecze?stwa dla komunikatów generowanych przez u?ytkowników SaldeoSMART i wysy?anych w formie email.

Each email that is generated by the SaldeoSMART system that will be sent to the user will include a special tag that will be visible in two places: (1) in the "Subject" field of the message, and (2) in the email content. This will allow the user to identify the SaldeoSMART system as the source of the message. The user will easily identify SaldeoSMART as the source of an email because of the eMARKER that this message will be marked with will be invented and set up in the system by the user himself. It is easier for us to verify something that we have invented ourselves, isn't it?

The following FAQ explains what is eMARKER and how to use it.

eMARKER? What's this?

A: eMARKER is an additional functionality introduced to the SaldeoSMART system software in cooperation with ACME LABS Sp. z o.o., a company that develops innovative ways of securing the electronic communication. The aim of implementation of the eMARKER is to increase communication security. eMARKER will appear in all emails generated in the SaldeoSMART system that you receive and which concern invoices and other documents. As a result, you will be less exposed to the risks associated with communication via email. Thanks to eMARKER you will recognize SaldeoSMART as source of these emails. eMARKER is protected by patent law in Poland and abroad on the basis of intellectual and industrial property rights.

What are the threats and dangers that eMARKER mitigates?

A: O zagro?eniach przeczytasz tutaj.

How to distinguish an eMARKER?

A: e-MARK is a string of letters and / or numbers and / or special characters that will be defined in the system by yourself or by the administrator of the customer account under which you use the SaldeoSMART system.

How to set up eMARKER in the SaldeoSMART system?

A: The eMARKER can be established: (1) individually for the SaldeoSMART user, and (2) for all the users by the administrator of the client account under which the user is using the system.
In the first case, each user has the option of setting up the individual eMARKER himself by editing the "Individual eMARKER" field in the user's settings. The individual eMARKER will always be a visible component of emails that will be generated in the SaldeoSMART system and that will be sent to the user. As a result, the user will be aware that SaldeoSMART will be the source of such emails and that the user is the intended recipient of the emails.
In the second case the eMARKER will be set up by the administrator of the SaldeoSMART customer account. To do this, the administrator will have to edit the "eMARKER Settings" field in the account settings. The eMARKER set up in this way will appear in all emails sent to all users of the SaldeoSMART that work under a given customer account. Therefore, the administrator's duty is to inform users about the set up of the eMARKER and its form.

Q: Where can I find the eMARKER in the email?

A: The eMARKER can be found in two places - in the "Subject" field of the email and in its content. The string of characters to be seen in these two places must be identical.

The SaldeoSMART customer account has an eMARKER. How do I set up my individual, personalized eMARKER?

You can set up your individual eMARKER by editing the "Individual eMARKER" field in your user settings in the SaldeoSMART system.

I have set up an individual eMARKER but the message generated in the SaldeoSMART system is intended for a group of users including myself. Will the message contain an eMARKER?

A: When the SaldeoSMART email is directed to a group of users it will contain an eMARKER set by the account administrator.