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KPMG: More companies targeted by cybercriminals during the pandemic

As KPMG indicates, in the opinion of over half of the surveyed companies, the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to an increase in the risk of cyber attacks, KPGM points out. According to research conducted by the company's experts, the pandemic also made people aware of the need to implement improvements in the areas of crisis management and ensuring business continuity. Details at the link on the website cyberdefence24.pl

Is mBank's message really what it looks like?

Niebezpiecznik.pl reports an interesting situation when the reader, after blocking access to the account by mBank, saw a form in which he had to provide all his key identification data (PESEL number, mother's maiden name and his ID) in order to unlock access to the account. In such a situation, is it possible to doubt whether it is a good method to unblock access? Could such a situation not become the basis for another fraud scenario? More at niebezpiecznik.pl

Text messages will be sent in case of a fraud attempt. New service by PZU (Polish insurance company)

Thanks to the BIK alerts service in the "PZU Dom" package, policyholders will receive text messages and e-mail notifications in case an attempt to extort a loan takes place, the PZU Group announced on Friday. As stated in the press release, PZU's business partner as part of the implementation of the new service is the Credit Information Bureau (BIK), which cooperates with the banking sector and the largest loan companies.